Three Dimensional Services

Pica Grove utilizes leading practices in automated foam carving combined with 3D Laser scanning and Polyurea hard coat to create spectacular three dimensional products of any size. Whether you choose simple relief elements or highly detailed free standing sculpture, our cutting edge equipment and skilled designers allow customers to focus on the creative elements of the project and not compromise on details due to out of date techniques for building large scale display elements. Even traditional signage when combined with three dimensional elements is literally taken to a new dimension.

Working from your input Pica Grove can either:
· Digitally design using 3-D modelling software,
· Scan any existing object or an original small scale model
· Sculpt a scale model in traditional methods
to replicate it in foam in any size to be used as a foundation for the casting process, or coated and finished to create a final piece.
Pica Grove gives you the ability to see your products virtually before the production process begins. We can even make changes like moving a hand or changing an expression without starting over. This automation takes the limitations of traditional enlargement processes and replaces them with both
accuracy and speed.

3D Products – CNC Cutting, Routering, Relief Carving, Sculpting
Signage, Interior and Outdoor
· Direct Print with 3-D Elements
· Routed/Sculpted Custom Signs
· Corporate Branding
· Real Metal Finishes

Point of Purchase Displays (POP)
· Large Format Photographic quality printing
· Unique packaging/forms from folded 2-D media
· Backlit media, LED Lighting

3-D Sculptures/Models/Fine Art Reproductions
· Trade Show Displays, Museum Exhibits, Historical Markers, Commemorative Monuments, Water & Amusement Park Sculpture
· Themed Environments for Casinos, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Shopping Malls, Airport
· Real Metal Finishes

Terminals, Bus Stop and Subway Kiosks
· Hunting Targets
· Taxidermist Forms

Trade Show Graphics
· Custom Trade show booth exhibits combining printing and 3-D elements.

Military Training Aids
· Theater Specific Urban Environments, Photorealistic Targets, Drone Targets and Objectives

Architectural Components/Decorative Accents
· Millwork, Moldings, Medallions, Wall Panels, Pilasters, Pediments, Wall Niches, Cupolas,Rosettes, Capitals, Finials, Wall panels, Ceiling tiles
· Fireplace Mantels
· Historical Reproductions